Why the Marshmallow?

The "marshmallow" was inspired by the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment where a student was given a single marshmallow. They were told they could either eat it now, or wait 15 minutes. If they waited 15 minutes they received 3 marshmallows. The concept of delayed gratification embodies the work we do. The savings we find for our customers grows over time and will continue to do so as our services and solutions mature.

Our team

Passionate about saving you money

George Kontos

Founder & CEO

George started Marshmallow Streaming as a hobby to share his cord-cutting knowledge for saving money on cable, internet and streaming services. Equipped with a backpack, a laptop and ethernet cables he helped 10 residents save a combined $12,000 on their cable and internet bill. The results spoke to a major issue in how the industry operates so he decided to turn this hobby into a company to change how cable and internet services are delivered, for the better.

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Christopher Maciejczyk

Founder & CTO

Born and raised in Chicago, Christopher is a Web Application Developer with over 14 years of experience. As a developer he has built numerous business and e-commerce applications in a variety of environments and languages. When presented with the opportunity to create a company that not only made business sense but also offered a way to truly help people save money, he immediately jumped on board. If you don't see him behind a computer screen he's probably watching a Cubs game, playing a video game or trying to procure a rare craft beer.

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Bri Allen

UX Designer

Bri Allen is a UX Designer located in downtown Chicago. She earned her BFA in Visual Communications Design from Purdue University. Her background includes extensive experience in web design, email design, and publishing. She can always be found thinking and talking about two things: graphic design and fashion. Finding inspiration through everything from magazines to city life to nature, her aesthetic is modern and sleek. When she's not designing (or shopping), you can find her cooking with her husband, drinking an Oat Milk Latte, or planning her next trip.


Ileana Argyris

Web Developer

Ileana Argyris is a front end developer who specializes in crafting accessible websites that look great on every device. Ileana has worked with start-ups around the world to bring their websites to life. She is an avid traveler and is currently based by the Red Sea in Dahab, Egypt. When she's not coding or pushing pixels, you can find her exploring the sea or brushing up on her language skills.


Our Mission

Marshmallow Streaming's mission is to represent the best interests of communities in regards to internet and cable services by lowering costs while increasing quality.

Our Vision

Marshmallow Streaming's vision is communities will self-manage internet and cable infrastructure providing equal, fair access to all individuals for distributing information, media and connecting them to the rest of the world.