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Schedule an appointment with us to review your current services

We deliver and install your new cable streaming and Wi-Fi products

We deal with the cable company to "cut the cord", saving you money

We return your equipment, eliminating rental fees forever


chances are your current bill looks like this

Cable TV Fees

This amounts to over $1,500 over 3 years.

Total Fees $42.71
Universal Connectivity Charge $1.81
Regulatory Recover Fees $1.03
Broadcast TV Fees $14.60
Regional Sports Fee $8.25
Franchise Fee $9.85
State & Local Excise Tax $7.17

Equipment Rental Fees

This amounts to over $1,800 over 3 years.

Equipment & Services $50.89
Anyroom DVR Service $5.00
Service to Additional TV with TV Box $19.90
Service to Additional TV with TV Adapter $6.99
Internet/Voice Equipment Rental $14.00

Cut cable, cut fees

We eliminate these fees by cutting the cord on cable TV and installing high-quality products that you own.


Let's compare

Our Marshmallow Streaming specialists install high-quality equipment that you own so you never have to pay a rental fee again. Your savings in rental fees will pay off your new equipment over time.

Live TV


Cable TV

Cable cords everywhere

Our Solution

Cord-free streaming

Home Wi-Fi


Rented Equipment

Monthly fees, short-range Wi-Fi

Our Solution

No monthly fees, long-range Wi-Fi