Nov 2020

Saving You More Money Than Ever Before

In our July newsletter this year, we announced that we had saved our customers over $100,000 on their monthly bills, while increasing internet speeds by 30%. We’re pleased to share we’ve now reached $200,000 in monthly cable bill savings, with an average monthly bill reduction of 52%

Working from home and virtual learning situations have resulted in a higher demand for faster internet speeds and reliable WiFi. Our customers were able to use this newfound savings to improve their home WiFi systems, upgrade from DSL to cable internet infrastructure, or both. On average, we've increased internet speeds for our customers by over 50%.

And after getting rid of cable TV and switching to streaming, customers have enjoyed the following benefits:

  • $0 in cable box rental fees, broadcast TV fees or any other random fees on a typical cable bill
  • Cloud DVR so they can watch their recordings on any TV or mobile device
  • Ability to pause or cancel their subscription at any time

We’ll continue to put money back into your pockets so you can upgrade your home networking and entertainment products, especially as we adjust to new environments for working and learning. Thank you again for calling on us to take care of those needs. As we’ve said before, your success is our success.

George Kontos, Co-Founder & CEO

Join Our Free Class

Each month, we teach a class on how to “cut-the-cord” on cable TV through the Mount Prospect library’s technology curriculum. Our next class will be hosted virtually on Saturday, Nov. 14, at 10 a.m., where we’ll discuss removing cable TV in favor of streaming services, as well as the basics of internet speeds and home WiFi systems.

You can sign up online, and you don’t have to be a resident of Mount Prospect or have a library card to register. A special thanks to the library for continuing to partner with us, as well as seamlessly adjusting to hosting our classes virtually. 

fuboTV Review

By Don Corwin, friend of Marshmallow Streaming

Followers of my reviews know that I love, love, love YouTube TV (go back and check out the July 2020 Marshmallow newsletter to see just why I love it). But this summer, when YouTube TV raised their prices, it made me take a look deeper into the market for alternatives. I was turned onto fuboTV by co-founder of Marshmallow Streaming George Kontos. Anytime you can couple a great interface with a channel lineup based around sports, you’ve got me hooked.

While fuboTV isn’t the most fiscally responsible streaming service, it packs a serious punch with a great collection of sports channels and some serious flexibility in streaming devices.

Pricing: 3.5/5

fuboTV is not the cheapest option on the market. Launched back in 2016 as primarily a
soccer streaming service, fuboTV quickly pivoted to a more “sports centric” streaming option for cord cutters. The addition of regional networks as well as several different sports channels ultimately drives up the cost for these packages, but you get a ton of content for each. 

The “Family” package ($64.99/month) for fuboTV comes with 114 channels, 250 hours of cloud DVR, and 3 simultaneous streams. You can upgrade to the “Elite” package ($79.99/month) which gets you 158 channels (44 additional fuboTV entertainment channels), 1000 hours of DVR space, and 5 simultaneous streams. 

You have the option to add some of the cloud DVR and additional steam features to the Family packages as well, but those can add up quickly, and it probably makes more sense to go with the Elite package if you need additional streams. Plus, two of the additional streams are “on the go” which allow you to stream away from your home internet connection (did we mention additional savings if you split with a friend??).

Product Compatibility: 4.5/5

fuboTV has a fairly competitive list of compatible streaming devices. Though it’s missing a few, so we had to knock it down a half point here. But not everyone can be as cool as Hulu TV and stream on a Nintendo Switch! The complete list of fuboTV compatible devices includes:
  • Apple iPhone, iPad and Apple TV
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Roku
  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • Xbox
  • Google Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV
Overall, a pretty solid list. And even if you’re new to cord cutting, you can get a very affordable device on this list to start streaming!

Interface: 4/5

fuboTV has taken their time and developed a very clean and slick looking interface. On the home page, you are met with a menu of tabs that is easy to navigate and almost impossible to get lost in. You’ll see regulars like “Guide,” “Recordings” and a universal search bar. But you’ll also see an option for on-demand 4k content (this comes included with the Elite package). 

You’ll also find a tab solely dedicated to sports. Make no mistake, fuboTV is very much a sports-centric streaming service (we’ll dive into channels below). fuboTV makes it very simple to segment by type of sport or even search for a particular team. This gives you maximum flexibility to see what time your favorite sports team is playing or even get into new sports that might be on during downtimes. 

The interface works smooth and fast, and is presented in a logical order. The guide is clean and laid out concisely with an easy channel lineup, while also offering you the chance to customize. Overall, the interface will be very easy to learn for people new to the service, and cord cutting champs will find it very similar to that of YouTube TVs interface.

Channel Lineup: 5/5

fuboTV is very much designed with the sports lover in mind. As a sports lover, it was hard for me to not give fuboTV a 5 out of 5, so that's exactly what I did. They have every sports channel you know in their lineup, plus at least a dozen you didn’t know existed (including four or five outdoor and extreme sports channels). You can see the full lineup here for all the sports channels, but we promise they aren’t missing much!

They also have all of your local channels (regional specific) as well as your traditional cable network channels. There isn’t much missing from this lineup. Some misses do include a few Viacom channels like MTV and Comedy Central. CNN is the most notably absent major news network on this list as well.
One cool feature we love is that, if you have a device that can stream in 4K, fuboTV gives you some content that's available to stream. While it can’t be recorded, it’s great they are paving the way for future streaming services to make this more of a priority.

Flexibility: 4/5

Like most of their competitors, fuboTV offers a pay as you go, cancel any time contract structure that has become standard in the industry. They also offer a 7-day trial of their Family package so you can get a look and feel of just how great of an interface they’ve developed. 

There are a few add-ons that you may consider, including adding more DVR storage space or more streams to a specific package, but overall they kept add-ons to a minimum to create a super easy package structure. 

One thing to note is, if you are a big NFL fan and need RedZone, that will cost you an additional $10.99 per month through the football season, as that only comes with their additional “Sports Plus Package.”

You can check out all their add-on’s here!

Final Review: 4.2/5

fuboTV is about as close to an all encompassing streaming service as you are going to find. The problem that comes with that is, the additional price tag is going to be higher than a few of the lower budget competitors like Sling TV or Philo. However, with the amount of content you get, plus the two additional “on the go” streams you can purchase, you can potentially look at sharing this with a few family members. This same concept applies to the YouTubeTV family share plan and allows for some maximum cost savings!
fuboTV won’t be a household name for a while, but rest assured, they are gaining momentum in the streaming world and they are a perfect service for a cord cutting vet or rookie. If you’re looking for the maximum amount of sports channels coupled with your favorite news, networks and basic cable programming, start your free 7-day trial at fuboTV and let us know what you think!